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It Starts in the Kitchen…

Our journey started a couple years ago when we decided to start juicing in our home.  There is truly nothing like fresh pressed juice, the taste is amazing, and the health benefits are endless.  Some people juice for the health benefits, yet others actually use it to help battle health deficiencies.  We were using it for a combination of both. 

We started noticing that after eating certain foods my wife would suffer from chronic pain throughout her body.  As a husband it is very difficult to see your significant other go through something so difficult yet there isn’t much to do for it.  Through some holistic healing and drastic diet alterations we were able to get to a point that it was somewhat tolerable.  The only diagnosis we were given was she was battling an “auto immune disease.”  We had very few answers, so we decided to make some changes of our own.  Raw juicing and dramatic dietary changes played a major role in our lives.  We knew that this wasn’t just something we were doing at home anymore, it turned into a lifestyle.  That is when we decided that we wanted to share our lifestyle and help as many people as possible.  We wanted to share the creative ideas and recipes that we have been making for the past two years. 

Our goal is to be able to offer simple items with very few ingredients, without compromising taste and nutrition.  We want to be part of a movement that involves healthier lifestyles, positivity and motivational change.  We want to help boost the immunity for the community!   

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